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Generator Services


We identify the best suppliers of diesel generators from Europe, Asia and across the world and we import for our clients. These generators are of the best qualities and Dylson Ventures Ltd always ensure customer satisfaction. We also do the installation, maintenance and servicing of these generators. Dylson Ventures Ltd also carry out advisory services to our clients to advise on the right type of generator which will supply power as per our client requirements.


Electrical Services


 Dylson Ventures Ltd carry out electrical installation for households, estates and industrial sectors. Our team is licensed to carry out these services. Through partnership with construction companies we carry out electrical installation as well as electrical refurbishment and security systems. 

Electrical Boards


We also work on control panels. We carry out installation and servicing of the following:

·         Lighting distribution boards

·         Relay panels, changeover panels

·         Isolators/ relay metering

·         Contactor panels

·         Power factor control panels

Solar PV


With many companies and institutions going green, there is widespread adoption of solar energy. Installations of phovoltaic panels continue getting cheap and are being embraced as a savings investment plans. We carry out the installation of solar Photovoltaic panels as well as the maintenance.

Security Systems & CCTV Installations


At Dylson Ventures Ltd, we carry out CCTV installations to households, social institutions and industries. We also set up electric security systems to our clients